Q & A

you got questions? we have answers.

Q) Sometimes when I search for items in your shop, other items pop up too. What gives?

A) Short Answer: Shopify (the platform we run this business on) knows about the issue and they have forwarded it to developers. Long answer: Our website uses an algorithm to sort through searches and sometimes it likes to sort items that were uniquely bought together in a querry. Although nice this feature doesn't work with a store like ours that has unique items. Also this algorithm has a translate feature, so if "hat" is another word in German, and we have a product page in german that so happens to have the word "hat" in it (post translation) it will populate in search.

Q) I don't care about the "out of stock" items, how can I stop them from showing up in my search feed?

A) You'll see "filter" at the top of your page (after searching for products) > Availibility > Select "In stock"

Q) When do you guys have new drops?

A) Most of the time we have new drops / inventory every week. But if you'd like the word before anyone else you can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of any of our pages! ❤️

Q) Can I have my photo that I tagged of you guys featured on your website?

A) Yep! It's as easy as DM-ing us the photo(s) you want featured and letting us know that you give us consent to use them. Preferably through an Instagram DM!

Q) Where can I follow you guys?

A) Links to our social medias can be found at the bottom right hand corner of every page on our website. They will appear as icons and take you straight to the social media account!